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We understand Pain….It drains, disempowers and robs you of joy. Dr Iyer’s MyoRub is physician created, with over 12 years of use testing at the Iyer Clinic, USA and over 60,000 applications on patients.Derived from herbs with knowledge of ancient methods of healing. Coming to select US markets this fall as an easy to apply roll-on. Find out if Dr Iyer’s MyoRub can help you.

Ipsum has been the industry's


ActivPower Products are the choice of champions worldwide. Whether you are a Breeder, a Trainer, a Pet owner, a Performance dog competitor or a Military/Law Enforcement K9 Officer….you can now combat the Number 1 reason for Arthritis…. Which is Obesity and Shortened Life in dogs due to lack of resistance exercise. Most owners have little time to exercise their pets. ActoBand allows your companion animal to have a muscle-boosting resistance exercise session in as little as a 15 minute potty break. And this is how…

Unleash Your Beast & Move Your World

Ipsum has been the industry's

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