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—Herophilus, Greek physician


“When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself; Art cannot become manifest; Strength cannot be exerted; Wealth is useless; and Reason is powerless.”

Foundations for Success

Knowledge Not Hype

There is no dearth of buzz words in health and wellness. But at ActivPower what you will get is sound well reasoned articles on strategies for building power, muscle strength and resilience to injury. We will tell you that which we know is true, what has the weight of centuries of cultural practice behind it, and what we know is anecdotal.

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Clear Demonstrable Instructions

We use all our products and hence we demonstrate this use through product demo videos that guide our customers through the process in a way that empowers them to derive the same benefits quickly without error.

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he Scientific Basis of Canine Resistance Training

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Wrapping ActoBands Part 3:
Advanced Conditioning with ActoBands:
How Do ActoBands Work?:

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